You cant be to careful

You cant be to careful

The mistakes in the title are pretty obvious. Still, such errors occur every day in business writing. Experienced, well-trained writers won’t make errors like this—but they may make different ones.

Living in the 21st Century, we are blessed to have sophisticated word processing programs like Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect, etc. Such software is invaluable in catching errors for us (a big plus for fast typers!). Now you’ll be warned if you type things like “the the.” In fact, there are many mistakes that are automatically corrected, such as “didnt.”

The problem is that no matter how advanced a word processing program may be, it won’t catch everything. For example, if you write something like “My pea sea catch as ever e spelling air,” you will not get an error message (or an “air” message, for that matter). That’s because software, like computers, will always be brainless.

There are two ways to avoid embarrassing mistakes when writing:

  1. Be a really proficient and careful writer
  2. Hire a really proficient and careful writer

The first option will obviously be more demanding, but it’s something that anyone with basic writing skills can do. In the Information Age, you can just get online and find all kinds of resources about how to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes (which MS Word helps you with anyway); increase your vocabulary; write persuasively; etc.

The only trouble with this approach is that it takes time—today’s most valuable commodity. But there is a viable alternative: hire someone who knows how to write well. One such resource is For a very reasonable fee, editors will thoroughly examine your work, make any necessary corrections, and ensure that your writing says just what you want it to.

A suggestion: Even if you’re already a pretty good writer, it’s a good idea to brush up on your skills. And to save time in getting your document polished and correct, consider